About Our Products

360 Gel Tea tree Hand Sanitiser

The miracle-working 360 Tea Tree Sanitizer gel will leave your skin glowing. With its natural healing properties, your skin will be left feeling clean and nourished. Our unique manufacturing process includes a mixture of Tea Tree essence, glycerine, and Alcohol to combat virus causing bacteria, all while moisturizing and healing your skin.

Other Alcohol-based sanitizers leave your hands feeling dry and irritated, while the 360 Gel Sanitizer is a non-sticky formulation that dries fast to avoid residue. The ingredients won’t cause irritation and the healing oils nourish your skin.

The 250ml bottle is the perfect size to keep in your handbag or car as that easy to reach the supply of sanitizer.

360 Gel Coconut Hand Sanitiser

This perfectly formulated non-sticky gel sanitizer has the nourishing qualities of coconut oil and the bacteria-fighting properties of coconut. With the added mixture of glycerine in our unique manufacturing processes, we aim for the softest result for your skin.

Bring out that summer feeling with our coconut infused 360 Gel Sanitizer. Regular alcohol sanitizers can dry out and damage your skin, leaving it sensitive and prone to infection.

360 Gel Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser

The Aloe Vera 360 Gel Sanitizer with its quick-dry formula will leave your hands feeling refreshed and nourished. With the healing properties of Aloe Vera, our gel soothes dry and damaged skin. We take extra care in manufacturing a world-class product with all of the goodness of Aloe Vera, glycerine, and alcohol levels too.

Regular alcohol sanitizers dry and damage your skin, but our non-sticky, gel formulation is jam-packed with Aloe Vera goodness and ensures it is all put right back.

The 360 Aloe Vera Gel Sanitizer has 70% Alcohol content to kill 99,9% of virus causing bacteria.

The handy 250ml bottle is easy to keep in your handbag, car, or on your desk at work, for those inconvenient moments.

360 Gel Lavender Hand Sanitiser

Our calming 360 Lavender Gel Sanitizer is just what you need to reduce the stress of the day.

Our perfect combination of Lavender essential oils, glycerine, and alcohol will ensure you can relax knowing you are protecting yourself and your family by eliminating 99.9% virus causing bacteria.

Using our 360 Lavender Gel Sanitizer at night can even repel flies and mosquitoes, keeping you safe from harmful bites too.

Carry our convenient 250ml bottle with you wherever you go, for that much-needed escape from daily stress.