No Sink or Soap? Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Use Hand Sanitizer

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We’re living in a stressful time right now as we all do our part to socially distance and slow the spread of germs and viruses . As millions around the world battle this deadly virus, friends, family members, and people in your community want to do what they can to protect the most vulnerable. Therefore, people are becoming more conscious of their hand hygiene and access to water, soap, and now hand sanitizer. That’s a good thing, of course!

The reality is that over 4 million bacteria can exist on each one of your hands, acting as a hotbed for spreading germs and viruses today. Face masks can contain a certain amount of viral spreading, but your hands – the very tools that interact with everything around you – can’t be covered in a mask. We need our hands which is why it’s up to us to find another way to zap the viral germs and collectively support our communities.

Naturally, if there is a sink with hot water and soap, we’re going to wash our hands and clean those palms. But, there’s not always a sink, and there’s certainly not always soap. When that happens, what should you do to do your part? How can you selflessly slow the spread while also keeping your body healthy? The answer lies in hand sanitiser.

If you’re not convinced hand sanitizer is making a huge difference in this global pandemic, here are 7 reasons why you should reconsider: 

  1. Slow the Spread: Several studies have been conducted on family members that used hand sanitizer to monitor the spread of stomach and respiratory infections. It was found that the spread of these infections was slowed for those that used hand sanitizer. Therefore, although it’s not 100% accurate at zapping germs, it’s certainly the next best thing if you want to contain any viral infections that can be living on your hands. Remember: recent studies by Harvard have concluded that flu (influenza) type viruses can live on surfaces for up to four-hours after contact. That means your hands most certainly could be coming into contact with the virus in any public facility.
  • Natural Hand Moisturizing: Using hot water and commercial soap to wash your hands five times or more per day can seriously dry out your skin. We all know the dreaded feeling of dried, brittle skin on our palms that can crack and cause irritating pain. Hand sanitizers actually double as hand gels, providing a deep nourishment and hydration into your skin cells. This will keep your skin soft, supple, and hydrated so you don’t have to worry about carrying around lotion all day long.
  • Increased Student/Worker Attendance: Did you know that studies have shown adding hand sanitizer to classrooms and work environments can reduce absenteeism by 20%? That means that one-fifth of those that work or study in the school or business were no longer calling out to stay home sick. This can increase productivity, attention spans, and efficiency in all work settings. Even though we are working and learning from home today, sicknesses can still be distracting, which is why making a commitment to hand sanitizer will actually make you a more desirable worker or student.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry: Hand sanitizers are designed to be portable, lightweight, and agile. You can throw them in a bag, purse, some wallets, backpacks, suitcase, etc. Therefore, they don’t add any weight to your commute or load throughout the day. You can pack one into every bag you use so you’re never without your important germ-zapping agent. It’s a much lighter alternative to bringing a first aid kit, lotion, and soap with you everywhere you go.
  • Less Irritating to Skin Than Soap: Did you know commercial soaps are actually quite irritating to your skin? Different chemicals, alcohols, and preservatives have ben added to them to dilute down the formula so companies can make more money. The problem is that your skin suffers as a result, stripping your hands of important, natural oils while also promoting skin flare-ups and irritations. Hand sanitizer is actually less irritating to your skin than these commercial soaps and hot water.
  • Fast Acting: Hand sanitizer doesn’t wait for days before it kills the bacteria on your hands. Instead, it works almost instantly, destroying germs that have been lingering on your hands throughout the day. You can use it as much as you want, immediately upon touching surfaces in public spaces.
  • Affordable and Convenient: Lastly, hand sanitizer is affordable, transportable, and economical for your hands and the environment. Instead of wasting water or going through jugs of soap, a squirt or two of hand sanitizer can get the job done. Invest in a few bottles, sit back, save money, and do your part today to slow the spread.

How Do I Guarantee the Best Hand Hygiene?

If you want to make sure your hand sanitizer is working to its fullest capacity, here are some final tips:

  • Remove all dirt or visible residue on your hands.
  • Apply a dime size of hand sanitizer to the palm.
  • Rub your hands together thoroughly so that the sanitizer covers every part of your hand.
  • Continue to rub until the hand sanitizer has been rubbed in.
  • Do not rinse hands immediately under water – this will remove the sanitizer.

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